Beat the Gas Prices with the New ‘AirPod’


Gas is on the rise and the recession is lifting slower than sooner, so frugal modes of transportation make sense.  The Europeans have built a car to help solve all of our problems …that is if you can cut back on style.  The look of the vehicle is not much different looking than the Smart car.  And, oh yeah, it runs on  AIR!

We should be able to afford air, but surely they’ll probably try to gouge us on that too once we buy in.  But for now, anything is better than $3 per gallon.  And what you lose on style, you gain on We’re also showing a high level of responsibility to the ozone.  The emissions on this car are half that of gasoline and similar to that of an electric car.

Father and son team Guy and Cyril Negre, built the car in their home in the South of France. Now! to get it here.