Ben Wallace Dissed by Orlando Reporter for ‘Bat Ride’ He Doesn’t Own (Video)


Professional athletes and entertainers long for speed and sexy cars.  The more unique the car, the better.  Price tags be damned!  They probably buy their homes based on the size of the garage.  It has to house their “babies.”

The Detroit Pistons powerful Center Ben Wallace was really thinking when he purchased a, sort of, car.  But he doesn’t confirm nor deny that a pic circulated of a Campagna Motors vehicle called a T-Rex is his.  The trike/car looks like it couldn’t possibly hold the 6’7 inch frame of the big man.

Evan Dunlap, who covers the NBA’s Magic for the Orlando Pinstriped Post on the SB Nation network, took a picture of the exotic vehicle and posted it on Twitter saying:


Looks like Dunlap is trying to diss Ben, but she obviously isn’t that great of a reporter.  Do your homework before you snap rogue photos Dunlap!  Wallace told The Detroit News Wednesday:

“… the vehicle in the picture looked like the one he used to own, but he couldn’t be absolutely certain.”

How embarrassing!  Read more here. Check out Campagna Motors ad for the roadster.

-J.C. Brooks