Bride and Friends Die in Bachelorette Limo Fire (Video)


The wedding day is coming and you’re excited to party with your girls for the last time as a single woman.  The limo pulls up, you pile in with excitement and no one would believe that this would be the last party of your life.

A horrific blaze that started in the trunk of Neriza Fojas’ bachelorette limo, consumed her and her five friends lives on what was supposed to be a beautiful night of memories before she got married in June, according to CNN.  The 31-year-old bride-to-be and eight of her friends were traveling across the seven-mile San Mateo-Hayward bridge in San Francisco when the limo caught fire.

The woman and her friends are all believed to be registered nurses and three managed to make it out of the blaze, along with the driver.  The limousine company submitted this statement:

“LimoStop Inc. will do everything possible to investigate and assist authorities in determining the cause of this fire in order to help bring forth answers and provide closure to the victims and their families,” it said.”

According to the report, the women were so badly burned by being engulfed in the flames, they will have to be positively identified by dental records. Surely this is devastating to everyone involved and we offer our condolences to the victim’s families.

Check out this bizarre tragedy below.

-J.C. Brooks