Car Review: Are You Ready for the 2011 Mazda6?

2011 Mazda6 s Touring Plus

The new Mazda6 stakes its claim as Mazda’s flagship with a category topping mid-size sedan that is distinctly Mazda.  Designed to compete with Nissan’s Altima, it’s a worthy competitor.  With beady-eyed headlights that widen for effect, a low arched ready-set-zoom stance, and a high-pitched revving engine to match its eagerness to pounce the road, the vehicle is ready for whatever you have in mind.

Blind Spot Monitoring System
Blind Spot Monitoring System

The interior sports a sleek, clean look, but boasts a cavernous cabin with red beams illuminating its panel at night. Sexy, right?  And to make it easier for the driver to maintain their cool, Mazda technology called The Blind Spot Monitoring System lends a helping hand to driver focus.  This helpful tool will signal the driver when a car is in its blind spot, making lane changes on the highway less of a thought. When a car gets within 12.5 feet of the vehicle an icon pops up on the side view mirror. If your turn signal is on, the system beeps to alert you to stay in your lane. Surprisingly, I became more dependant on it than irritated.  I think it has ruined me for driving in cars that don’t offer this feature.


There is a mark improvement to handling in city driving and at quicker paced turns on highways.  The Mazda6 isn’t about refinement and luxury, but with so many brands focusing on that and failing, comfortable and capable does the job here.

Price Tag:  $26,450 base ($27,730 tested)

Power:  3.7L direct V6 engine 272 horsepower.

Transmission:  Six-speed automatic transmission with manual shift

Drivetrain:  Front-wheel drive

Fuel Economy (mpg):  17-city/25-hwy

-Mike Tucker Jr.