Chevy Volt Drivers Get Harassed and Heckled for GM Bailout


Is it time for everyone to drive around with a disclaimer on their car?  I mean, it appears that, at least for some, this is necessary in order to keep folks from getting their car vandalized, getting dirty looks, and being on the receiving end of someone’s middle finger.

President Obama’s haters are dredging up old stuff just to give them a reason to pout and stomp louder before his new administration begins. The $51 billion government bailout to GM in 2009, has these dumb folks lashing out at Chevy Volt owners, according to Yahoo! News.  

Some of the dumb stuff that has happened to these folks is:

A Michigan Volt owner, Dave Muse, told Edmunds that he drew boos when driving his Volt in a famed Detroit automotive parade… Another time, a stranger insulted his car in a parking lot, then slammed the door shut while Muse was trying to get out.

Scott Leapman, a Volt owner in Florida, once stopped at an intersection next to a pickup truck whose driver rolled down his window and asked, “How do you like my car?” When Leapman asked what he meant, the driver answered, “My taxes paid for it!” then sped off.

A third driver, whom Edmunds didn’t identify, said he was run off the road by a Volt hater.

Are you serious?  This has got to be one of the most ludicrous things we’ve ever heard.  That just goes to show how much the Obama haters would benefit from at least obtaining their GED.  The Chevy Volt was planned and formed long before the bailout was ever a needed option.

Please HATERS! Get a life!

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-J.C. Brooks