New Police Cars Hit Roads


If you’re looking to get your illegal activity on inside a moving vehicle, you may not want to commit the crime in front of a cop driving this new buggy.  It appears that the new police car would blow the doors off it’s predecessor as well as any stupid person who may want to take it to task.  The Knight Rider looking vehicle works from behind as well.  If you think you want to run into the “PI” (Police Interceptor) at top speed from behind, it can take a rear end collision up to 75 mph. 

But that is only one version of the PI built on the new Ford Taurus, there are other versions of the car that will also hit the street.  There will be two different engines offered as well as a six-speed transmission.  The new vehicle has taken everything into consideration, including their carbon footprint.  The one thing they won’t offer is a V-8 engine.

What they call the “3.5-liter Ecoboost twin-turbo V-6” will be 365 hp.  Try outrunning that!  Their Ecoboost cars with the six-speed transmission.  Read here for more info on the next batmobile.