No Joke: Cannibus Fueled Car


*So Canada is smart. They’re developing this car that runs off of cannibus, weed, hemp, etc.  The car is supposed to be a biocomposite electric vehicle possibly powered by God’s perfect plant – to some that is… hehehe…

The vehicle is called Kestrel. They say type of fuel in question is perfect because it is lightweight, perfect for efficiency and speed. Will this car be on the market? No one knows quite yet, but testing will begin some time this year.

And supposedly  you can’t get high from the car … lol, but can you imagine turning on the heater  and hotboxing your car!!! Would police be able to pull you over for driving under the influence? If it’s part of the car’s operating system, they’d have to make weed legal!

This is a great idea. 😉 The best fuel alternative yet. They should have thought of this earlier! Man, I should have thought of this earlier. Could be makin’ a lil extra money right now. OOh! I know, I can do some of the research with them.