OnStar! Under Fire for Tracking Ex-Customers


Shame on you, OnStar! What have you been up to lately? Some people are going to be very upset when they discover they’ve been tooling around in their Escalade while you’ve been watching their every move…even after they’ve cut off their service with you.

That’s right! After the OnStar service is cancelled it continues to track the clients movement.  According to New York Daily News, they’re not only keeping track of the customer’s location, but even how often they wear their seatbelt.  Now how many of you saw that in your OnStar contract?

In case you’re not aware of the “extra” service, Sen. Chuck Shumer (D-N.Y.) is on the case and complaining that the Federal Trade Commission open up a can of whoop ass on OnStar.  Not only that, he went straight to OnStar and told them to stop the new service they launched last week.

Read more here.  You might need to go turn in the Caddy until they get this resolved.