We Mourn Four Popular Car Makers


Some of you may not be aware, but the Big Three has buried three of our most coveted car makers:  Hummer, Saturn, Mercury, and Pontiac.  Everyone has their favorite car under these umbrellas, but now we have to let them go.  Pontiac with its fast cars: Firebird, the 6000, Grand Prix, and its newer 50 Cent endorsed, G8.  Mercury’s  Grand Marquis, known for its popularity with the old playas as well as law enforcement is really going to be missed.

Saturn’s death was a big surprise to everyone.  It defined a space and time in American car making that appeared to be on its way to a better car for the consumer, especially for the price.  The employees looked so happy on commercials, they made you want to put in your application and buy one of their cars.

And who will forget the Hummer?  The mega-truck. The “my car can kick your car’s ass” truck because it looked like a monster truck ready to roll over your car in traffic.  But some of us proudly salute it’s demise because we couldn’t afford it and the gas it takes to drive it.

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