This 10-Year-Old’s New Invention Could Save Children’s Lives



    Studies show that 60% of at-risk children were found to be more likely not to go to college if they didn’t get a quality preschool education. For 10-year-old Bishop Curry, that doesn’t seem to be a possibility.

    A resident of McKinney, Texas, Curry claims to have about one idea per week. His most recent idea is a life-saving device for children trapped in hot cars. After hearing about an occurrence a few months back, Curry was determined to come up with a way to stop these tragedies. That’s when he invented Oasis.

    “I came home from work, walked through the door, and he came up to me with a drawing,” said the father, Bishop Curry V.

    Essentially, the device is composed of a fan that blows cold air on a child left behind in a car seat. The device is activated by a child left behind, and it also alerts both the parents and the authorities.

    A provisional patent is underway, and the Curry family hopes to see the product on the market in as little as one year.

    As shocking as it may be, children passing away from being left in hot cars is not a new occurrence. Back in July, a hospital CEO made this life-altering mistake with her daughter, Clare, as she went off to attend a series of meetings. While these instances may be considered by some to be “tragic mistakes,” they are completely and entirely preventable.

    Curry’s parents are very proud and claim that their son thinks differently than other children.

    In the meantime, Curry is continuing to work on ideas to better people’s lives.

    “Things that work, here on earth we like things that work,” he said.