Subaru WRX STI Does an Absolutely Insane Run Down a Bobsled


Recently, Subaru sent one of their cars and stunt driver Mark Higgins down one of the oldest natural ice tracks in the world. Located in Italy, the 133-year-old St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic bob run saw the Subaru WRX STI bumping and bouncing all the way down the 98-foot long slope, somehow reaching the bottom in, more or less, one piece.

Of course, Higgin’s car wasn’t just any old Subaru. Several modifications had to be made to the vehicle in order to ensure it could survive its crazy trek down the slope. Extra steel bracing and rubber bumpers were installed to fortify the car, and 400 tungsten carbide studs were fitted to each tire to pierce through the tough ice. Tungsten carbide is second only to diamonds on Moh’s hardness scale, falling between an 8.5 and a 9 so they’re certainly tough enough to break through ice.

The car pinballed off the walls of the track with Mark Higgins miraculously keeping all four wheels on the ground despite all the jarring movements. The car survived its run, with bits and pieces of itself scattered throughout the track, but not a single scratch on Higgins.

The whole run was recorded and the video was put up on Subaru’s Youtube page for everyone to enjoy. After this, what was left of the vehicle was demolished to discourage any would-be daredevils to try similar insane stunts in their own vehicles. Higgins is a professional student driver, three-time British Rally Champion, and the Isle Of Man record holder, so it goes without saying that no one should try this at home.

Still, the stunt was absolutely riveting to watch, leaving many people at the edge of their seat. Subaru certainly gained a lot of attention from this absolutely insane idea of theirs, and it’s assured Higgins had a blast bouncing and quaking down that huge bobsled run.