GPS Trackers Could Help Stop Car Thieves in Their Tracks


    Last year, an Australian mom had her car stolen from her own front yard while she was busy tending to her newborn. Now, she’s fighting back against car thieves with a new GPS tracking venture.

    At 5 am one October morning, Cara Allen was busy breastfeeding her three-week-old son Hunter in her sitting room. Since 26.8% of mothers said they expressed breast milk five to 15 times a week in 2015, this was a very common occurrence for Allen. But as she fed and bonded with her son, a crime was being committed: thieves stole Allen’s 1999 LandCruiser right under her nose.

    Allen felt understandably violated by the theft, especially because it occurred just feet away from where she was sitting at the time. According to Allen, the thieves drove the car for about a week and a half. During that time, the thieves allegedly tried to ram other drivers off the road. Eventually, it was found — totaled, with Hunter’s car seat and stroller missing.

    Allen had to buy a new car, of course. Although it was covered by insurance and a man was later charged in connection with the theft, Allen wanted to do something to prevent others from being subjected to the same treatment. So she, along with her friend Chelsea Gilmour, decided to start a GPS tracker business.

    With their GPS tracker, users will get alerts on their smartphone or computer if their car is turned on. From there, they can track both the vehicle’s speed and its location. There’s also a function to stop the engine from being turned on entirely.

    “I want to stop others from experiencing the inconvenience and heartache we felt,” said Allen.

    Australian residents who own newer cars can buy an onboard diagnostics model for $284 AUD. For those who own older cars, there’s a hardwired version for $268 AUD.

    But if you’re not an Aussie, there are similar ways to protect your vehicle and loved ones. The Letstrack Plug and Play fits into your car’s OBD port. After installation, you can simply download the Letstrack app from the AppStore or Google Play store. The tracker and app dispense information on the whereabouts of your car, the speed at which it’s traveling, and even the engine status. You can also set up personalized alerts for speeding, engine shut off, or vehicle stops. You can even tell whether your car has been parked in a safe area or whether it’s been towed away. And like Allen’s tracker, you’ll get a notification if the ignition is turned — so if your car is being stolen, you’ll know in real time.

    And while these trackers vary in cost, most families agree that no price is too high for the safety of their loved ones and their everyday necessities.