Carvana Continues to Make Vehicle Pick-Up More Entertaining


Deciding which type of used vehicle you want to purchase can be an arduous process. After all, 39% of people are considering five or more different vehicles at once, so it’s bound to be overwhelming and frustrating for some. At least Carvana is trying to make purchasing and pick-up a lot more fun.

Carvana, a rapidly expanding online used car retailer, offers something a bit different for its customers: once you buy or trade in your car on their internet platform, you get to pick it up at one of their multiple-story car vending machines.

According to research, 52% of car buyers don’t know what make or model they intend to purchase before arriving at the dealership. But Carvana operates differently, allowing consumers to skip the dealership altogether in favor of an easier, more tech-friendly experience.

Customers can sift through Carvana’s online inventory of more than 7,300 vehicles and finalize their decision from their mobile phone, tablet, or computer (which often takes at little as 10 minutes, according to a news release). Then, they can either have Carvana deliver their car directly to them, or — the more entertaining and unique option — the customer can pick it up from one of Carvana’s vending machine locations.

These vending machines are adapted from the same technology used in automated parking structures, but they’re much more amusing. When they arrive at their destination, the customer deposits a six-inch diameter coin into the machine’s slot, which starts up the process. Their car is then moved sideways to an elevator, which brings the car down to ground level from a possible eight-story height.

Picking up your vehicle from one of Carvana’s vending machines — located in Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and now Frisco, Texas — is free. Carvana will even subsidize $200 of your airfare if you aren’t a local but still want the vending machine experience. The company also delivers vehicles nationwide.

So while there are still plenty of options for the auto-loving traditionalist, it seems that cutting-edge car companies aren’t afraid to get a little creative for the sake of bringing in new customers.