North Carolina City Offering Program to Help Keep Bus Shelters in Good Condition


In England in the 1830s, regular intercity bus services by steam-powered buses were first pioneered. Today, these buses are being used for more than just transporting people, especially during the winter.

However, with U.S. infrastructure breaking down, many cities can no longer afford to offer high quality bus shelters to protect mass transit riders from the elements. Now, one North Carolina city is working to change that.

The Salisbury Transit System in Salisbury, North Carolina recently developed an Adopt-a-Shelter program for local businesses and groups. WBTV reports that transit officials recently announced the new program, which will give organizations, businesses, individuals, and schools a chance to make a significant difference in their neighborhood. They can make a difference by reporting any problems, violence, and vandalism at any of their local bus shelters.

There are 18 bus shelters and stops around the City of Salisbury, and transit maintenance workers make repairs, upgrades, and clean-up those shelters and benches as needed. As a shelter “adopter,” you would make regular visits to space, and make sure that it is clean and free of debris and vandalism. They would also alert the Salisbury Transit System and inform them of any issues that need to be fixed.

Rodney Harrison, Salisbury Transit director, spoke with WBTV about the new program.

“Salisbury Transit staff makes regular visits to shelters to make sure that they are clean and damage-free,” Harrison said. “We believe through this Adopt-A-Shelter Program that groups such as private companies, churches, schools and civic organizations can help us to make sure those structures are sound, clean and safe for our riders.”

Any organization that decides to adopt a shelter will be given public recognition and a community speech. They will also have a plaque outside of the shelter with their name printed on it.

Anyone looking to become an adopter has to be at least 18 years of age. If they aren’t at least 18, they have to be supervised by someone who is of age. Signs or additions to the shelter can only be installed by the Salisbury Transit and must come from them as well. Nothing from the outside can be installed on or around the area. Anyone that has interest can submit a form on the Adopt-a-Shelter website for consideration.