Thursday, February 22, 2018

Would You Trust a ‘Robot’ to Drive You Around…Uber is Counting on It!

*While many people are just now beginning to even trust riding in a car driven by a stranger, and are now getting pulled in...

Bride and Friends Die in Bachelorette Limo Fire (Video)

The wedding day is coming and you’re excited to party with your girls for the last time as a single woman.  The limo pulls...

Ben Wallace Dissed by Orlando Reporter for ‘Bat Ride’ He Doesn’t Own (Video)

Professional athletes and entertainers long for speed and sexy cars.  The more unique the car, the better.  Price tags be damned!  They probably buy...

Maryland Car Thieves Protected by ‘Abandoned Car’ Law (Video)

Who’s writing these laws that are supposed to protect us?  We’ve seen the horrendous flaws of the “Stand Your Ground” law in the Trayvon...

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